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Mobile climate plan COOLSPLIT MSG 7

HM2000000221 + HM2000001105
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The COOLSPLIT MSG 7 is a special split climate device by the heat-conducting medium is a mixture of water and glycol. This enables the device to cool at up to 10 ° C outside temperature. The inner unit has a rotary compressor, an expansion valve and a low -pressure switch with automatic reset function. It also has a high-pressure switch, a water/refrigerant heat exchanger, a circulating water pump and a 5-stage fan. Other components are a stabbing thermostat, a thermostat to control the room temperature as well as a condensate pump with a tank and two level owners for overflow control.

Your advantages:

  • Split device incl, 10 m supply line, expandable up to 30 m line
  • Hose package with connector connector is fixed and ready -made
  • Uncomplicated change to cooling other rooms
  • Elegant equipment with the latest technology