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Order mobile electric heating centers, mobile air conditioning units and suitable accessories quickly and easily.

HOTBOY-Profi set

The package includes the Electric heating unit HOTBOY Multi with either 21 or 36 kW, 1 set HOTBOY Hose material 1" of 5m (2 pieces) and 1 set of hose couplings (2 pieces).

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  • We get energy moving

    Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH is one of the leading companies in the field of mobile energy supply in Europe. Through future-oriented thinking and
    We work to develop economical and cost-effective solutions for temporary assignments for our customers.

  • Simply buy online - delivered quickly

    You can easily order various energy solutions with just a few clicks via our HOTMOBIL online shop. We offer you ours for screed drying Electric heating unit HOTBOY in two different performance classes as well as corresponding accessories. For air conditioning you will find split air conditioning units, monoblock air conditioning units and spot air conditioning units. Many items are in stock and can therefore be delivered very quickly.

  • Don't have the right device? Or would you rather just rent?

    In our shop you can find a selection of our devices. If you don't find the right product or you would rather just rent one of our products, then take a look at our website.

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  • Delivery to many countries possible

    Since our devices and spare parts are also in demand outside of Germany, we offer shipping to many countries in Europe. Isn't the country in which you are based not to choose from? Just talk to us.

  • Sales in Switzerland and Austria

    Hotmobil's mobile energy solutions are sold in Switzerland and Austria by the sister companies of Hotmobil:

    Enerent Austria GmbH:

    Enerent Switzerland GmbH: